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People working with people to provide the following services:
  • Printing of customer forms
  • Full inventory, warehousing, and distribution of all forms and/or print related items
  • Monthly forms management reports to purchasing and/or corporate management
  • Standardization of all forms within the system
  • Protection against form obsolescence
  • Combination ordering of like forms
  • Integration of forms purchasing and control into customer’s budget planning
  • Our comprehensive Forms Management System simplifies inventory, tracking, and ordering procedures and generates overall cost savings, while maintaining forms control.

Our experienced staff will help you reduce your costs in both “hard” and “soft” dollars.
This program includes the analysis, design, production, warehousing, and distribution of all types of documents in your Company. You retain control while Integrity Print Resource, Inc., does the work.

DOCUMENT DESIGN: We help you design documents that communicate properly, but are economically produced. We analyze your systems needs to insure all documents work efficiently within your system and are functional for both users and recipients. They will be aesthetically pleasing, will be consistent in appearance, and, if a marketing piece, will attract attention.

COST REDUCTION: We produce your documents based on your historical needs. We do the work (while you maintain control). You or your employees can spend their time on increasing revenue for your institution rather than researching order histories, usage, etc.

WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION: We deliver what you need when you need it at all locations. On site inventory is reduced, space is freed up.

REPORTING: We supply you with the reports you need on a regular basis. This includes Forms Catalogs, Usage Reports, Reorder Reports, Obsolete Documents Report, Usage and Cost by cost center. A numbering system will be used.

REVIEWING: On a predetermined schedule, we review our progress in helping you reduce your costs and manage your document program. This makes sure that you are receiving what we promised, and helps us find other areas to help you.

PRODUCTS: This program manages all types of printed products, including, but not limited to, business forms, computer forms, MICR forms, statements, envelopes, brochures, marketing materials, and promotional items.

How do you decide if this program is for you?
A brief “needs analysis” tells both of us if this program will meet your needs. This is a simple list of questions that addresses the most common needs of most businesses, and then allows the flexibility to identify your unique needs.

From this analysis we prepare and submit our recommendations for your approval and/or modification. We then set a timetable for implementation, and agree upon measurable objectives so we can assess our progress.

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